Mission: “To promote hands-on education and participation in outdoor activities with a primary focus on women and children”


About OWSD

Outdoor Women of South Dakota, Inc. was the brainchild of two dynamic women, Judy Payne and Susan Edwards. After the first South Dakota Becoming an Outdoors Woman workshop in 1994, Judy and Susan invited me to meet about "setting up a women's group". We immediately connected on the idea that women's outdoor events needed to happen in addition to the department's one weekend per year, and that a non-profit group was the key to making them a reality. Susan and Judy invited a group of women to meet in Pierre a month later. Energy was high as each of us knew other women to invite to the table. Over the course of 12 months, Outdoor Women of South Dakota, Inc. grew from the "wouldn't it be fun" state to "here is a list of education events we can host". Each woman brought a different set of expertise and life experiences to the formulating Board. The diversity strengthened us and brought us through the difficult times all young organizations face. We have held conventions since 1996, and continue to offer at least 12 educational events around the state each calendar year.

— Maggie Engler, OWSD Founder


Join Our Family!

Being part of Outdoor Women of South Dakota brings many educational benefits in a variety of outdoor skills. The biggest benefit, however, is belonging to a community of women who are driven, talented, outdoor enthusiasts and professionals, and willing to support of each other. Like you, members come from all walks of life and share the same passion for the outdoors, and love sharing that passion with others.

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