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Sesson 1: Saturday, April 22nd, 8am-Noon

  • Thunderstik Lodge in Chamberlain SD

Service Description

Detox your home: Green Cleaning: You've heard it in the news, more and more research is showing the harmful effects that the chemicals in our cleaning products can cause to our bodies, but how do we initiate the change to something more environmentally friendly and less damaging to our health? Well, we start with a Green Clean 101 class! Participants will be able to take home recipes to make their own cleaning products with supplies found in the home as well as some toilet cleaning fizz bombs! Please bring a Tupperware container for your toilet cleaning fizz bombs so that they don't get smooshed in your suitcase.

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

#4335 411 North 6th Street, Emery, SD, USA

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