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The Board of Directors

"Great leaders do not desire to lead but to serve." - Myles Munroe

The members of the board focus on the high-level strategy, oversight, and accountability of the organization on behalf of the moral ownership, to see to it that Outdoor Women of South Dakota, 1) fulfills its social compact with the community and 2) in doing so, serves as a wise steward of its resources while preventing unacceptable actions and situations.



The Election Process

The Board seeks to recruit individuals as Regional Board Members who are committed to the mission and governing process of OWSD. Listed below are some qualifications and characteristics that we are looking for.

  • Be in good standing within OWSD for a minimum of 1 year to be eligible to run for any Regional board position

  • Availability for meetings and events – quarterly or otherwise

  • Organized and dedicated to promoting our mission and goals

  • Experience in strategic service areas – such as community service and volunteering

  • Focus on governance and advising, not day-to-day tasks

  • Diverse backgrounds and skills needed

  • Comfortable raising resources – financial or otherwise


Meet the Team

Open Positions

Region 1 

West River


1. Nicola Park 



Region 2 

Northeast SD


1. Miranda Hoffmann  (at large)     

2. Celsie Piehl  (at large)


Region 3 

Southeast SD


1. Megan Nankivel   

2. Veronica Thoreson

3. Christie Horsley

Regional representatives shall serve a term of 3 years. At large representative serves a term of 1 year. Voting for The Board of Directors takes place at our Annual Meeting which is the weekend of our Annual Convention.

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