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Duck & Goose Hunt - Lake Campbell

EVENT: Lake Campbell Duck and Goose Hunt 
DATE & TIME: 12/1/2018 before sunrise (don’t have an exact time as of yet but early enough to get set up to hunt)
LOCATION: Lake Campbell near Volga SD
COST: $0.00 for members and $40.00 for non-members (includes membership fee). Membership year is May 1 to April 30. If there is NO cost for members.
TO REGISTER: Please email or text Chrissy Hai at
If participants are interested, can come up Friday evening to stay at my home in Volga and we can have supper for everyone too if anyone would like. My husband Jason and our family friend Alex will be helping with the hunt and we will be using all of their hunting decoys and blinds. They also will be helping call the birds in for us and with anything else we may need or if anyone has questions all the way. Friday evening we will go over some things for the morning hunt, such as how to identify the birds we are hunting, the style of ground blinds being used and calling the shoot. We will also go over duck hunting laws and legal hunting hours to shoot, and what we will be doing in our hunt as well. We maybe hunting with a dog. If we do, we will go over that as well as that is not for sure as of yet. The field we are hunting in is next to Lake Campbell but we will not be that close to the water or will we have to go in the water for anything. On the day of our hunt Dec 1st, sunrise is at 7:41am so we can start shooting a half hour before sunrise at 7:11, which mean we will want to be out in the field already set up by then. In the morning, we can all ride out together in 2 or 3 trucks. Set up of the decoys spread can take about hour if not longer so we will plan on being out to the field around 5:30 if not sooner. Jason and Alex will run the setup of the decoys, but expect to get involved to help with it so it goes quicker and to learn the reasoning for the placement of decoys. After the hunt we can go back to my house, and hopefully have birds to clean. We can also share our tips of how we clean the birds and our tips for what we do with the meat. 
Materials for Event : Participants will need their hunting license for Waterfowl and their migratory bird stamp. OWSD does have shot GUNS if needed, otherwise please bring your own shot gun and ammo. Either 12 gauge or 20 gauge is fine. Ammo must be steel. NO LEAD allowed for waterfowl hunting. Ammo for 12 gauge 3” B or BB is best and 20 gauge 3” B or BB is best. The B and BB are the shot size of the ammo. Also guns must have a plug in them so they can only hold 3 shells. One in the chamber and two in the magazine. Would recommend a full choke or modified choke for the hunt. So be sure to bring all the chokes you may have for your gun. Prepare for a cool December hunt. Camo clothing would be the best that way you stay hidden. So like a camo coat and hat. Warm bib overalls would be the best to wear underneath, can be camo but does not need to be. Warm boots. Waterproof is a good idea to keep your feet dry in case there is some snow. Recommend mittens that you can flip over your fingers and when you are going to shoot you can flip it back to expose your fingers easier and safer then trying to fit an oversize glove through your trigger. Hand and foot warmers might be something you would want to bring as well. Can bring a headlamp if you have one to use during set up of the decoys. If not, that is fine as we do have lights set up on our hunting truck that we use for set up. 
Any other information (e.g. Carpooling, packed lunches or camping gear required)
Would like to have a max of 6 hunters just so we know we have enough blinds for everyone unless someone has their own duck blind, then can maybe take more, but would like to have a smaller group for the area that we can hunt. 
Plan B If the event gets canceled most likely would not be rescheduled just because of the time of the year, then birds might not stuck around much longer after that.

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